History of the School

The International Migrants School was established in 2007 under the name of the Association of Educational Development and Professional Accreditation (EDPAA) which the Services was all about Professional Formation and Training program. Then, 2012 EDPAA was created a project of language training school which the name of MRN Language Training Center base in the Philippines. Then, 2016 EDPAA was modified into the name of M&L INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, dedicated to the generous benefactors who was sent many students in the school without looking back in return to all their support of expenses given to the students. Then, 2017 the School Project for the Migrants was created and it was Filipino Migrants School but since we want to serve even the other migrants students with different nationality the name Filipino was change into INTERNATIONAL MIGRANTS SCHOOL with the purpose of extending the services of education to the whole migrant students in Italy not only to the Filipino students but to all foreign students from kindergarten to grade 12 school.

Originally, the school was started in San Giovani di Dio in Gianicolense  in the year 2007. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of major sponsors who helped Ms Milagros Nabur to finish her higher level of studies and in honor of the kindness and generosity of benefactors she founded this International Migrants School.   To them belong the OFW families, faculty, and administration, and the assistance of Mrs. Fenny Tatad who all gave us courage and hope to continue this school project for our young generation.

As  an  independent school  offering  a preparatory  education  to College and University Course Program  (k-12),  the  International Migrants  School  will continues  to  serve  Filipinos in Italy and to the Italian  government  and multinational communities in Rome as well as host country citizens desiring an International Education with two Curricula applied.  The  school  is soon to be  a  member  of different Education Associations namely:  the  European  Association  of  Independent Schools (MAIS) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS), as well as to the United States Education Department affiliated school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This is the plan of the founder of IMS.


IMS Philosophy

The International Migrants School was founded to accommodate the needs of Education for  Filipino and foreign students’ not only in Italy but also to the whole Europe.  The  philosophy  statement  lays on the  foundation  of school educational philosophy: our fundamental principles and our goals.



Department of Education
Commission on Filipinos Overseas
European Council of International Schools