Core Values

The International Migrants School  shall  teach  and  practice  democratic  values.  We  understand democratic  values  to  include  all  those  rights,  duties,  and  responsibilities  that  maximize active participation in the school and in the community.

In  accordance  with  the  highest  ideals  of  the  democratic  and  pluralistic  society  that  it represents, International Migrants School shall encourage, in every possible way, tolerance and  understanding  among  people.  Pluralism  and  tolerance  are  essential  principles  of participation in the school and in the community.

The basis of a democratic education is knowledge arrived at through wide reading, critical thinking, free and open discussions. Therefore, the school shall encourage its students to freely and openly study and discuss differing religions, societies, cultures, and political systems, with the goal of understanding and respecting the various views of each.

However,  no  teacher,  student,  or  parent  shall  be  allowed  to  attempt  to  indoctrinate  or proselytize on behalf of his or her particular belief system. The guiding principle shall be the RESPECT for every person’s right to think freely, decide for him or herself, and hold to his or her belief without fear of ridicule or discrimination of any kind.

All members of the school community shall encourage those standards of conduct that are universally reflected in such virtues as honesty, justice, compassion and respect for others.

This  means  that  all  members  must  take  responsibility  for  their  actions  and  promote  the peaceful resolution of misunderstandings, disagreements, and disputes.


Cultural Awareness

The International Migrants School recognizes the richness of the world’s racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. It shall be receptive to learning about and appreciating Filipino cultures,

all  other  cultures  and  their  interrelatedness. While  reflecting  Multicultural Educational Values, the school must fully involve itself in the environment of Italians. It shall enhance awareness of Italian culture and subcultures among our community and maintain lines of communication between the IMS school and Italian people and officials.